How many hours are you on your phone, computer, or tablet?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Many of us have increased our use of technology. There are many benefits to staying connected and informed or having a recreational outlet however, what toll does this take on your body?

As a dancer and a dance movement therapist, I am very aware of the patterns forming that may be causing us to do a lot of harm to bodies. One simple thing we can do is to be aware of our posture. When we are checking our phone, sending emails, and playing candy crush stop and notice the shape or shapes of your body. I sometime joke that I fall into terrible posture and look like some kind of gremlin hunched over with a forward chin and sunken spine. It takes effort to change this. One way to break this pattern is to take mindful breaks. Stop and notice your body, then choose how you want to proceed. Try to make choices that keep your spine long and help you to breath. Keep in mind that you have internal organs and make room for them to function.

I have found ways to be on my phone that bring it eye level and allows me to also keep a natural lifted spine while also getting a hip stretch. Also using tools like a tripod for your phone and tablet can help bring them eye level. Or try using a standing desk or counter space for your computer. These are just a couple of examples that can make big differences.

I encourage you to find your own ways to build in positive habits into your daily routines.

I hope this helps you to be smart while using technology and kind to your body.

P.S. you can also replace your phone for book.

Stay safe and keep moving!

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