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Linalynn Schmelzer


Linalynn Schmelzer, BFA, MS., is the owner of the River Valley Dance Project School. Her nearly two decades of experience as a performer, choreographer, and instructor have launched her into New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and throughout CT.  Linalynn performed with many modern dance companies, including; O’Brian Dancers, Sorvino Dance Project, Judie Clark Dance Theater, and La Claire Dancers.  In 2014 Linalynn created and founded her own company, River Valley Dance Project.

In 2021, Linalynn opened River Valley Dance Project School where she teaches foundational and advance classes in modern dance, ballet, improvisation, as well as corrective exercise.  Linalynn is passionate about making dance/movement accessible to all people in a safe and supportive environment.

Movement for life is her motto.


Linalynn Schmelzer
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