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Second Chance

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Premiered on Oct 3rd at 1 pm, 2021 on YouTube

Produced by Linalynn Schmelzer

Sound Engineer and Film Editor Frank Natter, Jr.

Link to Youtube Here

This project is made possible with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and Face Arts Music.

Second Chance presented by Linalynn Schmelzer, owner of River Valley Dance Project includes dance, film, poetry, and music. The program will showcase three artists' unique perspectives on the theme of second chance. Featuring all original work of Adrian Nieves-Filmmaker, Kierstin Sieser-Songwriter Musician, Merly De La Hoz-Cookson-Dancer and Frank Natter-Sound Engineer and Film Editor.

Donations accepted through Venmo @LSchmelzer.

Program Order:

Music- Kierstin Sieser

Film- Adrian Nieves

Dance-Merely De- La Hoz-Cookson

Bio: Kierstin Sieser is a songwriter and musician from Middletown, CT. She leads the noir/psy Americana band, Tiny Ocean and writes and produces solo work under her own name. She thinks of songs as spells, prayers, and gifts from the subconscious. She is interested in hidden things, and work that reveals them wholly or just for a glimpse. She can be found at @kierjoypup on Instagram and @tinyoceanband on Twitter.

Song Titles:

Golds and Blues Feathers and Ivy The Golden Record Written and performed by Kierstin Sieser

Artist Statement:

My aunt once said,

“Your dreams will finish what your days don’t.”

The underside of waking senses

Second chances

A coin flipped

The sound of breath becomes

A heart inside a bird

The bird is a gift left in a small cave

Existing in your chest

and the cave.

Love is a syrup dripping through

the dream to the

here now

Your body is the bird there

In a cat’s mouth when you wake

You’ll follow it back and forth

A spell you sing as you see it

while you sing it so.

Runaway Cow-Film by Adrian Nieves


Adrian Nieves is a filmmaker based in central Connecticut. He has directed short films, documentaries, music videos, and political campaign ads and produced two feature-length films. He is currently finishing up work on the upcoming web series Runaway Cow.

Artist Statement:

I subscribe to the Werner Herzog school of art and filmmaking. “I don’t take myself too seriously, and at my age should probably find myself more dignified work than filmmaking…I’m ambivalent about the very concept of ‘the artist.’” I feel compelled, more than anything, to step outside and make films. My work focuses on issues of social justice, racial disparities, and access to critical resources.

Bio: Merly De La Hoz-Cookson is a Dance Instructor and Choreographer born in Colombia. She is dedicated to promoting her cultural heritage all over the world through dance.

Merly was La Reina del Folclor Colombiano in 2005 and has performed in more than 400 local, region

al, national and international dance showcases. She strongly believes in the influence of dance movement as an enriching and empowering element essential in our society. With dance, the possibility to provide elements and opportunities for education are endless.

As a motivated and knowledgeable dance professional, Merly seeks to utilize her teaching methodology, experience,

and skills to share the meaning and transcendency of Modern, Ballet, Latin fusions, Contemporary, Ethnic, Afro-Colombian dance, and Creative movement with dancers of all ages.

Title: Cant-Ba Pa Ti (Not There for You)

Dance/Choreography: Merly De La Hoz-Cookson

Music: Aguacerito llove’ (Traditional Folk song from the Pacific coast of Colombia)

Garza Mora (Traditional Folk song from the Pacific coast of Colombia)

Artist Statement:

To embrace the nostalgic moments in which I think of my brothers and sister, I dance.

I dance to honor their lives, our childhood, and the wonderful humans they have become. We are far away, however, fostering an unbreakable bond that keeps us moving forward. The games, the fun, the nights looking at the stars, the grief, the pain. Pain because of this fear of losing you at any time, pain because the cruel distance precludes the so-needed physical hug. Pain because I am not there for you, to hold you, to look into your eyes while you clean my tears, or perhaps, save my life, one-more-time. Antonio, Alejandro, Andrea… I celebrate your existence.

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Robert Schmelzer
Robert Schmelzer
11 oct 2021

This was such a great showcase of local artist. Can't wait for the second, second chance!

Me gusta
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